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Fathom Coaching - AI Strategy & Executive Coaching


At Fathom, we acknowledge that each personal development journey is as unique as the individual undertaking it. We don't claim to offer a one-size-fits-all solution, nor do we advocate a fixed ideology. Instead, we aim to engage, energise, encourage, and empower you with the knowledge, tools, and skills to carve out your own approach to personal leadership and lifestyle design.

Our objective is to give you the courage and confidence to take full responsibility for invoking lasting transformation in your life, so you can fulfil your potential and become your best self.

This mission is rooted in Fathom's core values of courage, compassion, commitment, consistency, curiosity, and creativity, which form the foundation of our approach to building an enriching community and platform for personal growth.

About Fathom - Executive Leadership Development
Fathom Coaching - AI Strategy & Executive Coaching



Fathom is a Personal Leadership & Lifestyle Design platform that energises and empowers individuals with the knowledge, skills and support to fulfil their potential, become their best selves and create the lives they really want.

Our aim is to give every Fathom Member the confidence and courage to step out of their comfort zone, embrace new challenges, and develop their own unique personal leadership philosophy and approach to lifestyle design.

By sharing our Personal Leadership & Lifestyle Design Concepts, we intend to create a platform and community that will enable you to be who you really want to be and do what you really want to do.

Holistic Growth Through Timeless Wisdom

Adaptable Approaches for Modern Challenges

Empowerment Through Self-Reflection

Fathom - Leadership Development - Guiding Principles


Positive Psychology identifies what is working, rather than what isn’t. It prioritises building on strengths rather than weaknesses. It focuses on developing opportunities, rather than on reducing threats or fixing what's broken.

Through the use of positive psychology principles, Fathom's personal development and personal growth coaching programs enable you to fulfil your potential and become your best self, by accentuating the positive rather than the negative. Here are some key benefits:

Increase Your Self-Acceptance & Self-Esteem

Discover Your Key Personal Strengths & Values

Improve & Enhance Your Clarity, Focus & Motivation

Increase Your Resilience, Self-Belief & Confidence


Developmental Coaching is a holistic approach that focuses on the identification of key growth, learning and development opportunities, alongside the definition of goals and actions to serve and progress the development process. The Developmental Coaching approach can help you develop your competencies and capabilities, so you can achieve your most ambitious personal leadership goals.

This is particularly effective for addressing longstanding issues and helpful for people who feel like they’re treading water, stuck in a rut or trapped in their current situation. Key benefits include:

Identify Your Growth & Development Opportunities

Develop New Skills & Knowledge Areas

Develop New Competencies & Capabilities

Embark On New Challenges & Adventures


Fathom's personal development concepts, models, and coaching tools are influenced by ancient and modern philosophers, including those associated with stoicism, taoism, phenomenology, existentialism, constructivism, and humanism.


The fundamental premise of Fathom's approach is that the adoption of a personal leadership philosophy is key to living a fulfilling life. This premise builds upon three key concepts of the Socratic tradition:

Clarify Your Values & Discover Your Purpose

Shift Your Beliefs & Adopt A Growth Mindset

Develop New Habits, Routines & Behaviours 

Design Your Own Personal Leadership Philosophy


Fathom's approach to personal development and performance coaching has been developed with close reference to neuroscience. In particular, focus has been placed on understanding the powerful role that neurotransmitters, neuromodulators and hormones play in affecting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Fathom's models and tools are underpinned by this knowledge of neuroscience and have been designed to help you actively improve your performance in everyday life. Here are some of the key benefits:

Harness The Motivation Of Reward Circuits

Effectively Manage Stress & Anxiety

Achieve & Maintain A Stronger Sense Of Fulfilment

Improve Rational Decision Making


Explore Fathom's unique blend of Positive Psychology, Developmental Coaching, Eastern & Western Philosophy, and Neuroscience, which we combine in our Concepts and Courses to give you measurable outcomes and results.


At the heart of Fathom's Personal Leadership & Lifestyle Design ethos lies a set of core principles. These serve as a compass, guiding our members to stay true to their course and cultivate genuine, impactful lives.

Fathom Coaching - AI Strategy & Executive Coaching
Fathom Coaching - AI Strategy & Executive Coaching


By integrating scientific and philosophical approaches into its methodology, Fathom offers a personal development experience that's both deeply rooted in timeless wisdom and incredibly relevant to the challenges and opportunities of 2023.

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